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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Another Arklow art mug arrived today - I have a pair now and am MOST happy!

The selller very kindly included this as a gift for me - a very old Arklow eggcup -he's a really nice seller and has supplied me with some of my more unusual art studio pieces as well as some of the shamrockware

This is a very pretty ring tray, I'm pleased with this, its a nice shape and in good condition.

I stopped off in the charity shops locally this afternoon and found these, they are small, the glass is only about 3 inches high if that, and the jug and vase are very similar to some of my Arklow art pottery although it isn't from there, they were cheap and are very satisfying finds.

This picture is a bit blurred, it's about 6 inches high and has lovely textured surfaces.

I'm planning gift bags with this stuff, we want to supply what we make presented well so that they can be used as gifts, on a small scale we can't get fancy boxes, but I can make pretty drawstring bags and gift tags.

This arrived today as well, the net will go to making lavender bags, the butterfly material I'm not sure about yet, I'm awaiting inspiration! The good news is we have some prototypes almost ready for showing the world and I think they are absolutely gorgeous, my friend is doing the putting together of the stitchmarkers and row markers and I love what she's doing!

More beads! You may well see a lot of pictures like this in future!
The second lace sock, I couldn't get any further tonight because I'm muddled already and need to tink back, I think I lost count somewhere.

This is the second sock in Mayan Jazz, the yarn is a bit thin, but I think they'll make superb bed socks at the very least!


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