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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hunting for things

Remember I'd lost the pattern for my Noro jumper? - I spent yesterday sorting through some boxes, not only did I find the magazine with this in, plus the pattern below, I found 4 bars of Green and Black chocolate!!
As soon as I have finished the second lace sock I intend getting on with the Noro again, I can even do some of it on the bus as I'm knitting it in the round. I want to legthen the sleeve that I had finished as I have more yarn now, that means frogging back a few rows but shouldn't be too hard.

I have this part knitted in pink, I had planned on finishing it and keeping it in reserve so I'm putting it on my to finish off this year list! I won't commit to more than that as I get easily distracted as any reader of this blog has probably noticed. I spent a great deal of yesterday trying to clear up the mess caused by a kitten pulling a glass bowl full of semi precious stone chips off my desk and breaking it, the rest of the day I sorted boxes or slept, I'm still sleeping what feels like far too much.

The second lace sock has grown rapidly this weekend, I'm onto the foot now, I'm reasonably confident that I'll get it finished this week, they are intended as a gift so I'm pleased. Mind you, I stil haven't posted the Valentine socks that I finished a month ago - I'm taking procrastination to new levels I'm afraid.

Cathy, you asked what my pattern and needles are, for thicker yarn like this I use 3mm needles and 60 stitches, for thinner yarn such as Opal I use 2.5mm and 72 stitches. The lace pattern is done over 72 stitches. I knit top down, 16 rows of rib, as much leg as I can be botherd with, make the heel on half the stitches and that's about it, I can let you have the full recipe if you want/need it. I knit bigger than the pattern that I got with my Opal sock wool because I have wide feet and big ankles.

Scarlet princess, it's just a coincidence that the 3 current socks are in shades of red, the next socks on my list to finish are yellowish and a pinky beige shade although I fancy casting on a bright lime green as well! If I ever get around to knitting up my stash of Koigu it'll be a succession of pinks and purples. I've very nearly made mates for all my orphans, progress indeed. I still have far too many WIP's and UFO's sat around, I drew up a schedule at the beginning of the year that I have totally failed to stick with, I can't really blame the kitten totally for this failure!

These wooden beads in rainbow colours arrived yesterday, they'll be making stitchmarkers and possibly earrings as they are pretty light.
I couldn't resist these patterned wooden beads, they go well together I think and step outside my zone of pinks and purples too!

These are semi precious stones, fluorite, goldstone, haemetite, green aventurine and mothe rof pearl. They will definitely make stitchmarkers at some point.

I couldn't resist the harlequin cord on the left of this picture, my plan is to use it couched on plain fabric, possibly for Christmas decorations, it's brighter than it looks in the picture, it feels as if it's medieval in influence or a variation on stained glass windows.


Blogger Mary-Lou said...

Always a bonus when you find unexpected chocolate!

7:48 am GMT  
Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Hi, I have agreat pattern for thick socks that starts with 60 std and I love it as my easy no thinking pattern,and a basic opal pattern bit Shazza knits has a good simple 4ply pattern too!Thanks for info and you should put your pattern on the the side ,I am an avid collector of sock patterns let me warn you,LOL ,keep up the lovely photos, I always check!!!

1:13 pm GMT  
Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Oops,should check my spelling and gramma,LOL

1:14 pm GMT  
Blogger trek said...

You are going to be so busy! Nice haul.

2:23 pm GMT  

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