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Thursday, August 03, 2006


First the current socks, I'm cantering along with the gussets here, it's growing fairly quickly, it may even be done this week.

I finally figured out the mistake on the second lace sock, I tinked back and reworked it, the first pattern repeat on the leg is now done.

The fanfare is for these, they aren't quite ready to be put up for sale as we are waiting for some bigger split rings to finish them with, but we're nearly there. This is a trio of stitch markers made in toning beads in shades of pinks and purple. Ideal for sock knitters who like to mark the end of the rounds as well as the sides of their socks.

Here we have a pair of stitchmarkers for those who don't want to mark the round ends of socks, stitchmarkers in pairs I find handy when I knit shawls as they often need marking symetrically.

This quartet is 3 stitchmarkers and a row marker with a lobsterclaw fitting for marking a row easily. Again 2 of the stitchmarkers match and teh third is slightly different for ease of distinguishing between sides and middle! The set is based on chunks of rose quartz, for those of you who subscribe to the healing properties of crystals, rose quartz is thought to promote love, including self esteem.

We plan on each set being slightly different rather than turning out lots of identical sets Some sets will be based around semi precious stones and others around beads of differnt types. We are also looking into making cheaper sets of wooden beads that would be less individual.

We're in the process of sorting out the pricing and packaging but hope to get the first sets up for sale in the next few weeks.

I think my partner in this venture has made 3 different sets that really are lovely, in fact, if I saw them for sale I'd be wanting to buy them myself!


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