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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So near - yet so far!

No bus knitting time this morning - My bus never ran so the bus I got was too full to knit, I did manage to knit on my way home and got this sock onto the toe - I'll definitely get it finished this week, hopefully tomorrow.

I was determined to finish the lace part of this sock today, I have done, to the detriment of everything else I had to do, but I'm on the toe decreases of this sock as well, this week is looking like a 'finish 3 socks' week!

Finally, Parma violet coloured alpaca/silk blend cast on on the Pony pearl needles, I promised you there would be a picture of this today and I try to keep my word! I would have got less knitting done today had I not wasted 50 minutes waiting for yet another bus that never showed up, it hasn't been a great day for public transport, but it's not been a bad day fro knitting after all!


Blogger Melissa said...

At least you can take public transport to where you work. I have to drive, so no knitting time. :(

9:25 pm GMT  

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