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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy oneth blogiversary to me!

As I don't have any proper photoediting software and I can't find the packet of birthday candles I know I have, I'm afraid you will have to imagine a birthday candle in the chocolate muffin! You nearly got a pictureless post as Blogger was playing up and my ISP seems to have lost all my emails from today too.
I'm sure I should mark 12 months of blogging with soem sort of thoughts! I've never kept any sort of diary this long, I know I haven't posted every day, but I haven't missed many.
It's been an eventful year in some ways, probably the most important things being - ending the relationship I'd been in for over 5 years and taking on my Hecate cat.
My knitting skills haven't progressed that fast, I did learn sock knitting, but then stalled and did nothing much but plain socks from then on.
I've joined in my first Secret Pal and been lucky to be spoiled by a smashing pal.
I've been trying to decided what my aims for the next 12 months should be as I didn't make any 'resolutions' in January. The main thing I'm planning - jointly with a friend is to start selling some of our craft makes including stitchmarkers, we've been doing a load of planning, the prototypes are being made and costed and hopefully we'll be up and running by the end of August.

First, knitting progress, I've finished the cuff on both of these socks, tomorrow I start the lace on the second lacey sock, I'm determined to finish the pair in the next 2 weeks.

After yesterday's adventure with Hecate and the ball of yarn I stopped at the local supermarket and invested in this nice big food saver, this has to be kitten proof for my socks in progress?

Here, and in the pictures below are some beads that have arrived so that we can start making our prototypes - they should be on view here soon - we hope!
And here Hecate inspects more beads and bits that arrived today.

As you can see, her ladyship likes to check out anything new that arrives in the flat.

She wasn't that interested in this pair of pinking shears, I got these second hand and they are great, heavy, sharp and feel good in the hand.

More Arklow, I forget which pattern, Brendan possibly, I'll check later. kitten is asleep on my foot at present and being good! I don't want to disturb her.

And another piece of Arklow, not much like the normal type of decoration that they produced.

More pictures of the gymnast cat climbing on seme closed clothes airers.


Blogger Melissa said...

Happy Blogiversary

9:51 pm GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm really curious about the stitch marker - that's something I never tried ...

Take care SP

10:45 pm GMT  
Blogger Mary-Lou said...

Happy Blogiversary!

7:04 am GMT  
Blogger scarletprincess said...

Happy first anniversary!! I've made my own stitch markers and it's a trial and error process but fun nonetheless.

7:50 am GMT  
Blogger trek said...

Cats do the goofiest things, don't they?

7:12 pm GMT  

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