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Sunday, July 30, 2006

One lace sock

I've reached the toe on this sock, I'm certain to get it finished before the end of July, kitten has spent the day curled up next to me acting good, to make up for knocking my computer keyboard off my desk and managing to unplug the modem during the night!

The first lace sock is done - I'm really pleased with it, I'll cast on the second sock tomorrow once the pink one is finished, Im still working on matching all my orphans.

Hecate spent last night box climbing again - it's much cooler here and she's enjoying being more active - it's a miracle nothing has got broken!


Blogger schrodinger said...

Socks are looking great!

Hecate is adorable!

10:44 pm GMT  
Blogger trek said...

Amazing that an animal that small can jump and climb so high.

3:18 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the lace sock looks great!!!


6:25 pm GMT  

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