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Friday, July 28, 2006

My brilliant Secret Pal!

Look what arrived today - my brilliant Secret Pal surprised me with a package. I was taking a day off work so I could spend the day gloating!

My pal has sent more treats for the kitten, Hecate will enjoy them I'm sure, some Pony 'pearl' dpn's, I've never seen these, I'll use them on the next sock I cast on and see how they feel. Another beautiful pair of hand knitted socks and she's included some grips to go on the bottom of slipper socks, I knew they existed but I've never seen them for sale in the UK. there's also a very pretty card included.
This is the last item in the package, yarn dyed by my pal, she has clearly noticed my addiction to shades of purple! She suggests making felted slipper socks with this, I must look around for a pattern and see what I think!

Look how beautiful these socks are, my Pal knits much fancier socks than I do, they are beautiful, I'm not sure what yarn they are made of but they feel very soft and are just my colour!

This is my progress on my latest sock, well on the way to making a pair out of another of my orphans, I'm definitely speeding up a little on getting them out of the way, and with slightly cooler weather forecast for this weekend I'm hoping to sit down and finish the first lace sock as well as getting some of the long abandoned housework and gardening done.

More yarn from the Natural Dye Company arrived, this is lime and cherry blossom.
And this is cornflower and arctic pearl with parma violet on the right! They do have wonderful names for their yarns! Parma violet is an alpaca/silk mix that I haven't tried before, but I'm going to be good and finish my lace socks before I start any new ones!


Blogger scarletprincess said...

Your secret pal certainly is lovely! Those yarns look really scrumptious too... you'll have to find a good hiding place for them so Hecate doesn't scrump them off!

7:39 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ups ... it's Regia cotton surf color "provence" - I hope they fit!?

Take care SP

9:45 am GMT  

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