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Sunday, August 27, 2006


I'm reknitting the cable and rib tunic and going really well, I've done the front and back together so far and even managed to centre the cables - unlike when I made this the first time! Looking back I think I need 8 pattern repeats and I've done 5 so I'm feeling pretty smug! I've also done 3 piles of washing, a pile of washing up and finished moving stuff out of my living room and into my bedroom so I can get council work men in! Poor Hecate has been so confused everytiem she thinks I've sat down for a while I'm off again moving things.

I've even finsihed the gusset on this sock, just to keep it jogging along and to give myself a rest from knitting with cotton.
A quick thank you to my Secret Pal for my ecard and post card - I love the sheep!
Oh, and I found how Hecate got a floury head - she'd pulled an empty bread mix bag out of the rubbish and got her head inside!


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