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Monday, August 21, 2006

My kingdom for a bus!

Owing to the fact that some young hooligan stole a rufuse lorry and overturned it near where I live this morning I waited an hour for a bus, my boss couldn't get to work at all and local travel was disrupted for several hours.
It's never a good start to the week waiting in the rain, I have got a reasonable amount of sock done though, I'm hoping to finish this pair off this week, then I can try and figure out how to post them with the new rules on posting invented by Royal Mail to torture us. I wanted to post my final secret Pal package this week, but I'm delaying it a few days in the hopes that the Post Office won't be so crowded. The kitten is merrily hunting an empty plastic drinks bottle up and down the stairs and leaving me in comparative peace, so I'm going to snak off and try and get an early night soon.
Melissa, thanks for your comments, I love the colour too, just wish that my hands didn't end up that shade too. I'm glad you like the stitchmarkers, I keep hoping they will start to sell, but I love some of them and will find it hard to part with them!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are there new rules for packages to the UK? If yes I have to say that your last package will (probably) be a bit belated :-((

Take care SP

BTW I really love the stitchmarker you make - luckily I didn't find "my" color yet ...

7:48 pm GMT  
Blogger Melissa said...

I would never be able to sell any of the stitch markers, I'd be hoarding them all for myself.
That sucks about the buses! Hopefully today will be better!

3:09 pm GMT  

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