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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cat burgling

This little madam for some reason has flour on her face - I have absolutely no idea how, but then I came home from work yesterday to find an entire box of pins scattered on the lounge carpet and then she proceeded to steal a 50 pence piece from the table and leave with it - surprisingly it didn't end up in my shoe, so I'm not sure where it is! She ignored the 10p pieces and the 2p pieces, this baby has expensive tastes.

The blue sock is part way along the foot, my job application is all but finished, it's with my manager for final checking, tomorrow I make any last minute changes and then we email it, I've hated filling in the forms, I'm very bad at blowing my own trumpet, and there was nowhere to tell them about my sock knitting! My neighbour is away so my packages are all at the Post Office until the weekend, it's been thundering and lightning here today, I'm planning a quiet night and very early to bed! (Kitten is playing at the foot of the stairs, she seems happily occupied though goodness knows what with!)


Blogger trek said...

Tha 50p piece is now in the AKCD, you know.

8:11 pm GMT  

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