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Thursday, August 24, 2006


With perfect timing I found this in the newsagents near my office, I bought it for yself as a reward for finishing my job application, my boss has to add his comments to my form and he's been very positive, the forms have all gone off and now I just have to wait! I'm keeping an open mind about my chances - I've done the best I can and now I'm switching off and concentrating on doing things like packing my last Secret Pal parcel, cleaning the kitchen and cuddling the kitten.

I've finished the cornflower blue socks - no more blue fingers for me! I'm planning a bulk trip to the Post Office next Tuesday and will get them in the post then.
I'm back to my limeade sock now, I still haven't done the maths to see how many rows I need to add to the Regia sock foot so have stopped that for now, when my brain next works I'll calculate it and carry on.


Anonymous Melissa Walton said...

Aw...kitty hugging always helps me feel better. Fingers crossed that things go well with the job ap!

4:50 pm GMT  

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