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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sleepy post

Kitten isn't sleepy - kitten is hyperactive and galloping around the flat mostly off the ground - she loves being high up and I've learnt to leave pathways for her to rce through. I've just spent Friday evening and most of today sleeping, looking out of the window it appears to have rained a lot while I was asleep!

I have managed to nearly finish one blue sock, and I've wound myself the skein for the other sock in preparation for casting on the second sock. I'm going to be noble and just cast on mates for orphans this week!

Regia Marrakesch growing nicely now, and I do have until October for this pair - I'd like to get on with it though as I have baby gifts to knit for then too, luckily I have a week off very soon, kitten will be having her operation and I want to supervise her for a day or two afterwards - so I may get some good knitting time then. I had taken some pictures of new stitchmarker sets, but they came out all wrong so I'll have to try again later.


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