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Thursday, August 17, 2006

A sucessful audition

The Marrakech yarn has met with the approval of the owner of the feet it was planned for so I've got a move on with it. I confess I'm not partial to the orangey bit but I quite like the rest of it and I always like knitting socks in self patterning yarn when I get to watch the patterns come out.

Here we have the picture of innocence, you'd never guess that she'd hidden a prawn in my shoe last night would you?
Nor that she had been into yet another box and stolen more yarn, another skein turned up in the bathroom today.

She is a very clean cat as you can see, spends hours washing herself.

And never seems to mind being photographed.
I must thank my Secret Pal for sending me an ecard from near where she lives, the buildings look lovely! I've been very good, I've made no attempt to figure out who is spoiling me, I'm looking forward to finding out who has been such a kind and thoughtful spoiler though. I must pack a parcel for my spoilee, I've finished the latest draft of my job application and I'm feeling rather better and more positive about it tonight so hopefully I'll get on with other things now!


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