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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Here kittty, fetch kitty!

The blue sock grows - if only slowly, I'm hoping to get it done this week but I'm still fighting with my job application. I'm getting terribly stressed about it but Hecate raised my spirits yesterday by finding soem totally new behaviour to make me giggle. My neighbour is going away for a week and was leaving her keys with me, her daughter posted them through the door last night, (I have an upstairs flat) Hecate ran down stairs, picked them up and ran back, she dropped them at my feet with a look that clearly said 'Look how clever I am, let's play!' I took the keys away from her so they didn't get lost and she sulked - she then climbed onto the dryers that hang over the doors and knocked every piece of clothing off them!

I haven't decided if I like this, Regia Marrakech I think, it's auditioning as a gift for a friend, self patterning yarn always seems to need knitting with to show what pattern it will produce , I'll see what he thinks and then decided. If this fails the audition I think I might try Cherry Tree Hil, I think the yarn I have in mind is Wild Cherry or something similar.
Now I must return to the application form, or possibly just cuddle a kitten which is much more fun!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

... are you sure that she is a cat? sounds a bit like a doggy ... but cute ;-))

Take care SP

8:13 pm GMT  

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