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Friday, August 25, 2006

Mountaineering time again

Kitten climbing onto the lounge door this time, she eventually decided she was stuck and needed my shoulder to jump onto.

Here she is about to start yowling to tell the world she was stuck

Here she is nested with some yarn, she does love boxes and skips of yarn, even acrylic will do at a pinch.

Her favourite toy for today - a piece of a biscuit packet that she's been carrying around all evening.

A very lime green sock, I don't plan on doing much sock knitting for the next 9 days as I'm taking next week off work, this should give me the chance to do the housework (much neglected) and some baby clothes, I'm thinking of reknitting the cable tunic jumper that I made for my Olympic challenge but in smaller sizes, I managed the size I did in 2 weeks so I might manage 2 smaller ones if I get my skates on.


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