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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Poor cross kitten

I did get some more bits of boottees made today, but there's no great progress. I was anxious about the kitten and rather distracted by that. She's safely home, but won't leave her stitches alone so has to wear her head colar - which she loathes. As a result she is having absolutely nothing to do with me! She isn't noticeable slower, but I suspect that when the pain killer wears off she may be a little less eager to bounce around the flat! I certainly won't be able to leave her unsupervised for the next few days as she's spending most of her time trying to pull her collar off. Hannah - you are so right - she really hates the collar but the second it is off she bites at her stitches. I'm not sure which issue of knitting the boottee pattern was in - I'll look it up and post it tomorrow.


Blogger Fred said...

My labrador was just as bad. He had a collar on because he had had a lump on his paw which was then removed. I think the longest the collar stayed on was the trip from the vets to home!

8:44 pm GMT  

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