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Monday, August 28, 2006

Not a sock in sight!

I've finished the back of the cable and rib tunic, I'd forgotten how quickly this pattern grows, I suppose all the time I spend knitting in 4 ply makes double knitting a treat!

The front is about two thirds done, it would have been finished but I've been alternating housework with playing with mitred squares. I've also done yet another load of washing, unblocked my vacuum cleaner and spent some time snuggling with the kitten - she has her appointment with the vet on Wednesday and I feel the need to give her lots of love before then - anticipating that she may be a trifle cross with me after her operation!

This is the boottee pattern from an old issue of knitting, I'm using up left overs of Koigu for this, although I'm not sure if I have enough of this colourway.

I'm going to make both feet then see what I have left for the cuffs, these are a realy fun knit, I'd tried making mitred squares before but never made anything with them, this is definitely an interesting way of making boottees even if it does make for a lot of ends if you don't weave them in as you knit!


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