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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Boottees done and emptiness

I finished these off this morning, then I went out, the flat is just too empty without a kitten bouncing off the walls. I took her food bowls away from her at 8pm last night, her face was a picture of 'not impressed' but when she got up this morning and breakfast didn't materialise - if looks could kill I'd be dead and buried!
She didn't much enjoy the taxi ride to the vet, but she behaved perfectly while we waited for her appointment with the vet, even though there was a dog the size of a small shetland pony in the waiting room. Once in with the vet she attempted to escape and explore, the vet had to detach her from the back of my jacket, but for a wonder she didn't make any attempt to bite!
She'll be coming back with a 'lampshade' around her ehad to stop her biting her stitches, I've removed her hanging net pockets for teh time being as she won't be able to get into them and I want to discourage her from trying until she starts to heal.
I promise I'l take pictures of her, but I plan on spending most of the next few days curled up reading and knitting as that tends to encourage her to stay quiet as well. I'm off to collect her now and then bribe her with special treats to eat!


Anonymous Hannah said...

Poor Hecate, that collar will drive her crazy. I hope she is a good kitty and rests as prescribed. I love the bootees, what edition of the mag was the pattern in?

6:07 pm GMT  

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