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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's another orphan

Isn't it beautiful? Tequila spice merino/alpaca, it's knitted up so evenly and very quickly, either I'm getting used to the heat or something because that's my 5th sock this month! Plus I'm heading along the foot of my first ever lace sock too!
Hecate is still thieving yarn, I found another skein on the landing when I got home today, but she's not stopping me fom knitting as much, partly I think because it's to hot to sit on my lap!

Thank you for the kind words about my sister's quilting - she's soo talented I'm in awe of her work. Secret Pal, I think it's a wee bit cooler here than where you live, but it's very humid and we're expecting thunderstorms any day! It's nice around 6am but after that it's all downhill as it gets hotter and more humid all the time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay I'm convinced - I really suffer when it's hot AND sticky - I'll stay where I am ;-))

btw yesterday I found out that it is a great idea to put a sheet into the freezer and use it as a blanket when I go to sleep ...

Take care SP

8:57 am GMT  

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