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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kitten chaos

Not much happened last night on the knitting front, most of my evening was taken up by the kitten who in one evening stole 2 balls of yarn, one dpn, threw up on the bathroom floor, bit a hole in a sock I was wearing and fell in the bath when I was in it. This was no doubt her revenge on me for commenting that she'd been letting me get on with my knitting relatively undisturbed lately!

This is the mate to one of my orphans and is almost ready to start the heel in a plain colour, I'm just hoping I can remember how I did it last time. I had to abandon work on the lace sock last night as due to the kitten induced chaos I couldn't work out which pattern row I was on, there are only 5 pattern rows so it's a bit poor of me! I'll try again tonight!


Blogger trek said...

Oh, dear - sounds like you need to sedate that cat!

And yuck - nothing like cleaning up Whitefish Tuna Surprise kitty barf.

12:55 pm GMT  

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