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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Too darned hot!

I did get out a jacket I was knitting, I even did one row of it, but it's just too hot for anything but small knitting! I've found all the knitting patterns for my WIP's except for the Noro pattern, I'll keep looking but I can't carry on until the temperature drops. I did succeed in finding some things I'd forgotten I'd misplaced, the necklaces I always wore before my ex partner bought me a different one.
I have at least finished this infernal pair of socks, I'm very disappointed with the yarn, it feels fine, but the colours don't work, I still have some left and will look to find a plain yarn to mix with it that may 'unmuddy' the shades.

This is another mate for an orphan, it's grown quite well, I'm aiming to clear all my orphans this summer once I've finished making things for my Secret Pal, I packed up a parcel - with Hecate's assistance and it's all adressed and waiting for me to get to a Post Office, that may be Wednesday as it's forecast to be thirty degrees Monday and I don't do walking around in that heat!


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