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Sunday, July 09, 2006

A birthday

I thoroughly enjoyed my night out on Friday, and slept most of ysterday, it's finally cooled down here and I'm making up for the sleep I didn't get when I was too hot and catching up on the housework I didn't get done too. The package from my Secret Pal contained these, beautifuly wrapped again!

Look what was inside - a book to keep me quiet, I'm a compulsive reader and I'd never tried the knitting murder books! I'll save it until this evening as if I start it now I'll miss watching Wimbledon as once I'm engrossed in a book I forget the world. The card is beautiful and the cat makes a lovely book mark. I'm thrilled with teh shamrock thimble, my mother recently gave me her thimble collection and we don't have a shamrock, it may not be Arklow, but it fits with my china collection as well as the thimbles! Thank you so much Secret Pal, I love my gifts and the ecard you sent is lovely too.

Last year had it's good points, I started knitting again not long before my last birthday and it's given me a great deal of pleasure, it was a year for tough decision making, splitting up with my partner being the major difficult one. I'm hoping that the next year will be much more positive and productive but at the moment I'm just plain tired (and feeling old(!


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