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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Of kittens (wet) and cameras found!

Firstly I can offer you a not very good picture of a birthday present you haven't seen yet! Made for me by my friend who now has pink snuggly socks to wear. She made this for me, selecting 3 charms to attach to the brooch that she thinks fit me! From left to right, a computer - self evidently I spend a lot of time playing online, currently when not knitting, blogging or sleeping you'll find me compulsively doing puzzles here. Next we have a ball of wool with a pair of needles, I gather they don't do one of a part knitted sock and 4 DPN's! Finally, we have a kitten with her tail up in the air as a banner, typically Hecate carries her tail like that. She got a little damp last night, after not finding my camera I retired to the bath with the book my Secret Pal sent me for my birthday, I can't read on buses so I don't get through books as fast as once I did. I was safely minding my own business when kitten flew into the bathroom, landed on me, bit my hand, startled me into flinging book one way and kitten the other, she landed in the bath water then leapt out, landed on the toilet lid (fortunately safely down) and broke one end of the fitting. I've told her that means no pocket money for at least a month! I'm reliably (I hope) assured that spaying will slow her down, I'm just sorry I had no camera to take pictures of this, but only a video camera would really capture her joyful insanity.

Here is the progress on number 2 sock, if I get some reasonable bus knitting time tomorrow I may get the shaping finished, I really don't like this yarn, it looks great til you knit with it then the pink and green just make each other look muddy, I'm going to wind up with about half a skein of it left as well.

Now, would you like to hear about the finding of the camera or about my feet? or both?

OK, feet first, I'm currently wearing insoles to cure flat feet and something unpronounceable that is wrong with my left foot and heel, wearing them has caused intense pain in most of my leg and hip joints because they are made of a hard material and have quite a large raise to them. I want back to the podiatrist last Friday, he removed the insoles, looked at them, tried a softer material on one foot then agreed to send me softer insoles (not tailor made but you can't have everything I guess), he then replaced the insoles in my current shoes.
I had a long weekend off work, not going out much, went back to work yesterday and wondered why my joints felt worse than before, I put it down to lack of exercise on my days off, until, that is I went to put the new insoles in this morning and found that the 'expert' had put the insoles in for the wrong feet so they were making the problem worse not better and straining all my joints the other way! I had assumed, naively that an expert in feet would know which was right and which was left! I'm limping well as you may well imagine.
Now, the return of the camera, as I went to bed last night having toweled a tangerine bubble bath scented kitten drier and given her a consoling fishy treat to eat, I heard the noise of a 'busy' kitten on the landing - I've learnt to investigate at once, a busy kitten is generally a bad kitten. I foudn her on the landing with a reappeared camera with her head in the carrying loop pulling hard and heading for the staircase. I have NO idea where she found it, but I do at least have it safely back!


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