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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Self control

My secret pal is teasing me - this package just arrived with instructions not to open until my birthday - I'm terrible at not opening things, so I've taken it downstairs and asked my neighbour to keep it until then! Thank you in advance Secret Pal of mine!

I'm afraid there's no knitting to show you, in a state of disorganisation this morning I took my sock with me to work on but left the rather vital fourth needle at home! I can show you my card making kit, it's a birthday time of year for me, one of the women I work with has a birthday, as does my mother. I just need to find my glue and bribe Hecate to keep out and not help me! There won't be any blogging tomorrow, I'm taking myself to the ballet for my birthday. I'd been saving up to take my now ex out for his birthday which would have been today, and although there are many things I could spend the money on I've decided to treat myself so I'm off to see La Fille Mal Garde, I've seen it on television but never live. I'm taking myself for a meal and travelling by taxi and making an evening of it!
Scarlet Princess was saying in a comment about a cat who brought her 'owner' a rat, my sister had a cat who dug up worms and brought them into the bedroom, I guess I'm lucky that Hecate is an indoor cat!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know how you feel ;-))


7:53 pm GMT  
Blogger Emma said...

Ha! I would SO not be able to resist opening the package. What a cruel SP you have!

9:30 pm GMT  

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