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Friday, July 14, 2006

Just a bit warm!

This was the view this afternoon on my way hoem from work, just to show you that blue skies happen in Manchester, we've had another hot week with a hotter one forecast for next week, I'm not a happy camper, I don't do heat, I spend my time drinking iced water and whinging! I thought you might liek to see soem of teh nice old buildings near where I live - there are some dreadful modern eyesores of course, but these are nice.

This is the curent sock on the window sill at work next to 'Ant' the spider plant. I don't normally take pictures in the office as you have to make sure not to include anything in the pictures that you shouldn't, hence the tight focus on sock and plant! I did want to show you that one plant in my care at least is living
Yes, I know I didn't need any more sock yarn but look at this! Bottom left is Pale China, bottom right is Lilac Blossom and on the top is Spring Blossom. It's all alpaca and merino and is soft as butter.


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