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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Plodding along

I hadn't intrended carrying on with the sock knitting, but in this heat it's the coolest thing to work on. I'm nearly at teh toe shaping and that will mean another pair finished, I haven't been casting any new ones on for now though. I am thinking of casting on something else for my Secret Pal but must get my act togather quickly!

Hecate relaxing out of the sun, she's dry now but earlier this evening there was a splash and a yowl and a wet kitten - she'd fallen in the bath where I'd left some cushion covers soaking - she never seems to learn about water!

I can't decide which of these two look more autumnal - I have a friend who likes autumn colours but I haven't made a decision yet.


Blogger scarletprincess said...

I would say that the orangier shade was more autumnal for your friend... and possibly because I'm selfish and would want to keep the other for myself!
I've paused my knitting a little over the last few days because of the heat too-my hands just can't take the pace!

9:45 am GMT  
Blogger trek said...

The one on the left!

3:05 pm GMT  
Blogger Fred said...

That makes three of us! Hecate will get wise eventually. Lara no longer gets on the side of the bath anymore now because she learnt her lesson once too often ;)

9:24 pm GMT  

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