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Friday, July 21, 2006

Socks - again!

When I get home from work I mostly have company, company that likes to 'help', the sort of company who selects the ball of yarn I'm working with and tries to sneak it away to a place of safety. The sort of company who sneaks a leg or a tail into my blog pictures, here you can see the evidence. I wasn't buying knitting books, but this was half price because there was a tear in the cover! I've only glanced at it for now, I know that this was inspired by it which is what led me to look for the source book.

Just to prove that the whole cat was there, it wasn't me with a fake kitten leg!

Now, advice please, I want to make the mate for this sock, but, I'm not sure if I have enough yarn, I have about 35g of the brown, 21g of the pink and the sock in the picture weighed 29g! I'm always an anxious knitter when it comes to yarn amounts, I always buy far too much for fear of running out. Have I enough pink yarn do you think? I could alternatively make the mate as a mirror, pink where this one is brown and be certain of having plenty, what do you think?

Minor progress on one of the partner socks, I've been too sleepy for the lace sock this evening so I'ev stuck with what I think of as my autopilot socks, I can do them without having to think hardly at all!
This is a new orphan in the making, I try to make one orphan for evrey two that I create mates for, it keeps the socks moving along steadily - besides I love knitting with this alpaca/merino blend, it feels lovely and knits up well.

Five more rounds on this one and I'll be doing the toe shaping and that will be another pair completed.
It's been slightly cooler for most of the day here so I got some errands run and even sat down and worked out my finances, paid bills and things that I'd not been concentrating enough to do. I'm planning on cracking on with the lace sock tomorrow, I want to see it done and decided if I like it enough to wrestle kitten for the yarn whiel I make a second one as she's quite taken to this yarn - surprising really as it wasn' that expensive!
Thanks to Melisa and my Secret Pal for their comments on yesterday's entry and a big hug to both of you!


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why not do opposite colours? think that will make a unique pair:)

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