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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Kittens and orphans

Or orphans and kittens, my Secret Pal was asking about my orphans, I used to have 14 I think or possibly 13, nowadays I have 8, although I'm in the process of making more! This is a current orphan in progress, my first attempt at lacey socks, it's in a sock yarn I bought from Texere.

These are 3 of my orphans, from left to right is Fyberspates lavender stone, doomed to remain an orphan until I find the ball of yarn to knit it's partner - Hecate may know where it is but she ain't telling! The middle one is Champlaign Sunset from Cherry Tree Hill, I'm in the middles of making it's mate (see below), the right hand side one is Opal Haggebutte (rosehip?) I know where the yarn is for finishing this pair and will cast it on soon I promise.

The pair for Champlaign Sunset, I'm on the gussets so may even finish it this week!

My next orphans, left to right, 2 shades of Opal, I'm worried I don't have enough left of the pink to finish the pair so I'm procrastinating about starting it! Next is Aztec Coffee from the Natural Dye Studio, I have it's mate cast on, then comes Mayan Jazz from the same place, I have the second sock waiting to be cast on, I know where the yarn is! The next sock is a mix of Kroy and a handpainted yarn and I have the mate on the needles, the final one is, I think an Angel Yarns sock yarn (I may be wrong though) I haven't cast on the mate yet, but again I have the yarn safe from the kitten!

Although how I can keep anything safe from this iI don't know - she was hanging from the wrist strap of my camera here!

SIP's, from left to right, the first 3 are orphans in the making, Opal Petticoat, earmarked for my friend's Mum. then the Natural Dye Studio again, this is Peach Spice alpaca and merino blend, then a merino I bought on Ebay called Candy, I'm not very keen on it so far, I'm trying to do Blueberry Waffle as a leg pattern but it's not working that well I don't think, the last sock is actually a partner sock, the Kroy/hand painted pink sock.

Finally the Trekking yarn on bamboo needles going very slowly, I really must stop using these needles as I'm not keen at all. Then a pair for the Aztec coffee sock, so you see, I am reducing my orphans slowly but I do like to have a few in reserve so that I can produce a pair really quickly when I want instant gratification I only have to knit one sock to get the pair!

This is Hecate's latest toy, despite the heat this morning she was having great fun, I can't get the shots where she swings from this because my camera responds too slowly, it's my towelling dressing gown cord with a big knot in one end, tied to the frame of my bed - she has hours of fun with it!

I'm sorry I cut her head off on this one but she moved!

And Secret Pal - if you're ever in England you must visit Manchester - I'd love to show you some of the good places here - and Hecate would love to meet you I'm sure! (I can't promise she won't bite gently on occasion though!) It's still roasting hot here though, I'm wilting in the heat even staying at home an Hecate is sleeping by the front door in the coolest part of the flat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

13 or 14 orphans!???? I'd get mad about them I'm sure.
I've been to England a few times: about 6 or 7 or ... times to London (I really love it) and once I spent a week in Cambridge (liked it too).
I'll take you at your word - I promise :-))

Take care SP

7:25 pm GMT  

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