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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My cat the wool thief

Avid readers of this blog (of whom there may be one or two) may recall that I recently had to stop knitting a sock part way through because I couldn't find the second ball of yarn, despite having seen it the day before. On Saturday I saw my little mitten (the kitten who will becoem a mitten if she doesn't shape up soon!) trotting out of my computer room with a ball of wool in her mouth twice as big as her head, I caught her and retrieved it, but today I found this in the bathroom when I got home! This is yesterday's skein of Opal! Then whilst I sorted out soem yarn for a friend she stole a cake of lace weight - she only steals good yarn, no acrylic for her!

She's also figured out how to reach the airers where I dry my socks and now I only have two pairs left there, she must have a very comfy nest somewhere, but I haven't found it yet! This is just a few balls of left over merino that I promised to pass on to a friend - you know who you are! Is this any use to you?

My birthday gift from my brother - this explains the strange shape of the original package, the bell was the lump at the bottom, she will join my other 4 crinoline lady brass bells.

These were the tall part of the package, a ball point and a rolerball with thick barrels that are easier for me to grip.


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You have heard of the kitty-cat alternate dimension, right?

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