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Monday, July 03, 2006

A small stash enhancement!

I hadn't bought any new yarn lately, but decided I really had to have one skein of this Opal summer nights dream.
This sock is the mate of one that I promised to a friend of mine way back, I'm trying to knit my way through my obligations and promises at the moment. I bought a second fan today so nwo I can at least knit a little bit despite the heat, and I'm carrying plastic bottles of frozen water whenever I travel to and from work so I'm avoiding over heating and dehydration. We had a massive thunderstorm here yesterday, and now I have a bulge in my lounge ceiling and will have to get the council out to look at the roof as soon as I can.
Two shamrock mugs, the one on the left I'll keep, the one on the right will most likely go up for sale shortly, sometimes I have to buy a group of things to get the item I want so I'm going to have to learn to sell as well as buy on eBay.
I should have thanked people for their comments and most especially my Secret pal for the lovely ecard she sent me last week, I'm afraid the first thing that tends to go when i get depressed are my manners - I do apologise to anyone that I've neglected.


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