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Monday, July 03, 2006

A little knitting and the June review

This was where I was up to at Friday tea time, I did persevere, despite the heat and had reached the last part of the toe before I went to bed.

Here we have the sock from first thing on Saturday morning, I'm counting it as a June sock as I did do half of another sock as well during the month. I'm claiming 4 socks finished and that means one pair made in the month and two other pairs completed. I did do odd bits to a couple of other knitted items, but nothing worth showing you.

This is the next sockI must finish, it's the mate to one I did a while back and is earmarked for a friend who has given me huge amounts of support while I agonised over the break up, a pair of woolly socks seems very little by way of a thank you!
Another tiny cup with it's matching saucer, these are of Blarney Castle, I hadn't had one of these before and for it to have the right saucer with it is even better.

I've got 3 of the 4 counties here - I'm missing Munster, I got these 3 from one seller on eBay but I've never seen them before this.
I don't want to collect the hunting souvenirs that Arklow made but decided as this came in a job lot with some other items that I'sd have just one sample.

And now I have a different jug with it's matching sugar bowl below, I'm just hoping that one or other of the 2 tea pots currently crossing the Atlantic will match this set!
As a final knitting aside, I don't have a July plan - if the weather doesn't cool down soon I'll be spending my time at home sat in a bath of cold water and not knitting anything, it's hard to motivate to knit scarves and socks and wooly jumpers in this heat!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

*sigh* it's really hot here too. The forecast for today and tomorrow and ... is about 32 degrees. And because we are in Germany it is always sticky :-(
That's why I decided to knit with cotton blends until it cools down a bit.

btw I think that something handmade is a great way to say thank you!

Take care SP

12:02 pm GMT  

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