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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lace in small amounts

It hasn't been quite as hot here today so I've done a bit of housework, watered the plants, all sorts of oddments, buT I have reached the toe shaping of this sock! I may get it finished this weekend.

I'm really pleased with the progress on this sock, it's an experiment on my part, a lace pattern I borrowed from somewhere inserted into my standard sock pattern, I'm determined to start making socks with patterns sometimes. So far I'm doing OK with this, I'm now aware of a small mistake in the first pattern repeat but I'm not going to frog, it's a very small mistake and I can't bear to undo that far now! Amber, I'm with you on the pink/brown sock I think, I'd rather make two totally different socks that go together than find myself with odd socks that ought to match.


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