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Friday, June 09, 2006

Sock - and climbing kitten

First, the sock - it's reached the foot, I didn't knit or blog last night, it was far too hot and I was very tired!

Another eBay win, from the Book of Kells I'm told - I'll have to look that up some time!

Hecate likes to be high up, she now gets into the blue hanging organiser in the very top section really easily.

From where she gazes down as if the queen of all she surveys.
Today she discovered climbing up the hanging pockets on the back of the office door and balancing on the top.
Next she discovered doing the same in my bedroom, the bar of wood you can see is the frame of my four poster bed, she hasn't tried jumping fromone to the other yet, but I suspect that may only be a matter of time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hecate is very cute! Love her blue hammock. Really like your plates too. Nice blog.

11:59 am GMT  

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