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Monday, May 29, 2006

Knitting and kitten

I wouldn't look at this picture enlarged, it's incredibly blurry! It is, however, progress on a sock. In betweeen doing vast loads of washing and clearing out assorted boxes of junk I've got some knitting done.
Here we have the back and front of Bagpuss,I'm trying to remember where I put the toy stuffing in anticipation of my figuring out the pattern for the head.
Here we have the reason why I got knitting done, bless her, Hecate ran wild for several hours this morning then fell asleep on the settee next to me and slept the sleep of the exhausted kitten.
We do seem to be making progress, she isn't biting as much, and for at least part of the time that I'm in the flat she copes with being on her own and doesn't attach herself to my trouser leg!


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