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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Socks return

I've mostly been clearing rubbish out of the flat and doing many loads of washing, but these three socks are mates for three of my orphans. The outside two are newly cast on, Hecate did grant me an hours knitting time today, then she got fed up with me and went to sleep out of range of my clearing up manoeuvres.
Finally I found a coffee can with an inscription on it, almost all my others are plain shamrocks.
My eldest sister is up visiting my Mum this week, so I'm hoping i'll see them this week, on the last two occsaions that she has been here I've been poorly and haven't seen her. In addition I have a couple of family things I want to give her to look after, paintings done by my grandma in the days when young girls copied pictures of flowers. They were wrapped in bubble wrap when I moved and have sat behind teh TV ever since!


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