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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Three parcels!

Firstly and most importantly a big brown card envelope arrived today from Germany - inside was this lovely card and two beautifully wrapped packages from my Secret Pal! I was having a quiet and slightly sad day today and this arriving was perfect timing to cheer me up!

Look at these!! Ritter Sport chocolate, I used to be able to get this when I worked in a filling station years ago, the store next door sold it and I became an addict! Treats for Hecate - she hasn't been allowed any yet as she's busy playing and hunting her toys. Then, most gorgeous of all a pair of hand knitted socks - They are wonderful - thank you so much!
I'm hopeless at taking pictures of my own feet especially with a kitten hunting them,but I couldn't wait to try them on!

The next package contained these, presents from a friend who I'd sent some knitting patterns to. Glynis thanks a bunch! Hecate has already had the mouse to wrestle with, it's the right size for her, the big catnip mice are at least twice the size of her head and defeat her! The teddy bear will sit with my other purple and lilac bears, he's cute!

Hecate has currently worn herself out, no doubt she will soon have recovered her energy ready to attack my feet again!

The final package contained these two dishes, they match my original celtic knot dish, the new hexagonal dish is smaller than my first one and a different pattern but looks well with it.


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