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Monday, June 05, 2006

A little knitting and a lot of kitten!

I'd better start with the progress on a different sock as this is meant to be a knitting blog! I've finished the cuff and started the leg, slow progress I know but it wil get even slower now. I emailed the designer of the Bagpuss pattern I was struggling with and he has very kindly emailed me the correct pattern so I'll be going back to the head of Bagpuss after tea!
A mug I bought from eBay in the US ages ago turned up today - I've 3 in various patterns and colours now, I'm not sure how many variants there are, I know I missed one last night as I was outbid, I set myself strict limits for any item and bid once at the last minute so that I can't get carried away!.
A variation on the many shamrock designs the factory made, I'm still trying to find a catalogue of some sort so I can see how much of their souvenir ware I've managed to collect!
I couldn't resist this fabric, I'm thinking maybe 2 quilted placemats to use on my breakfast bar, I can back them with the other brown/cream fabric I just got that is in the next picture, or possibly just use plain cream.
This is fun, very 1960's/7o's, it was very cheap and cheerful and I fell in love with it.
More pink patchwork to come at some point! I just need to cut myself some more paper pieces and I can start again and add to my collection of quilt pieces.I only have plastic templates in hexagon shapes, one day I'd like to learn more complicated quilting patterns, but I haven't found a good basic to intermediate quilting book that I like yet.
Knowing that cats like to sleep in high places that offer a good view of what is going on I bought this for her and hung it from the frame of my four poster - it's meant as storage and sold by Ikea. Up until Friday Hecate had climbed all over it but never got into it. Friday she climbed into the top section briefly but I didn't have my camera ready.

Last night she climbed into the next to the bottom section and slept there happily all night,it's a good plan for both of us, she gets to sleep near me and I don't get pounced on every time I turn over when I'm sleeping!

I maanaged to get my camera before she climbed out and caught her, This picture is slightly blurred but catches the glow of her eyes - I was using flash and it was just before 5am when I get up to get ready for work
What I don't have for you are pictures from Sunday when she decided to climb into my bath water - I could see she was determined to get in, so I let her then fished her out, dried her and cuddled her til she was happy again, I'm hoping that will discourage her from diving in too often - she clearly doesn't actually like contact with water however much it fascinates her!


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when I get into the new house in Scotland Thursday I have some different sized patchwork templates in one of the boxes. I'll root them out and send them you if you like? Remind me of address at amberdotmoggieathotmaildotcodotuk
they were my aunts and I've never used them. Combination of metal with a clear plastic double?

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