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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Not much to see today

I've been merrily knitting on this partner for an orphan, secure in the knowledge that I'd found the second bal of yarn ready for when I needed it, only to find a few rounds befoe I do need it that I've forgotten where I last saw it. In theory it should be easy to locate, this is a small flat after all. However, with the way my stash is spread around it could be almost anywhere, especially if kitten has had it! As a result I will take a differeent sock on the bus with me this week when I go back to work, I knwo yarn mostly knits much furtehr than I expect, especially the hanfd wound balls that I make, but for definiet I need about 20g of teh other ball to finish this on e off. It's not a problem, I have plenty of other socks part made, but I had hoped I'd crack on today and finish another sock this week!

In order to prove how illogical I can be, I then picked up this, a swaeter in acrylic knitted in the round and already a great lap warmner when the sun has been shining brightly almost all day!.

I did let Hecate have one of the cat snacks that my secret pal sent me - I have to tell you - she LOVED it, she ate half of it straight off then hunted and 'killed' the rest of it for ages before eating it, they are most definitely a hit with her.

Back to work tomorrow, I can't say that I'm looking forward to it, I have got some things done while I've been at home, although I still have lots of unfinished plans!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that the socks fit! That means that I can knit some more ... ;-)
Great, that Hecate likes her snacks ...
Seems that I luckily found things to cheer up both of you!?

Take care your SP

9:18 pm GMT  

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