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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Progress for May and planning for June

May's progress has been restricted by spending time with Hecate and with dealing with the relationship issues and with work. I finished 4 socks, one that finished my friend's pair of tiger socks. I also knitted a third of an eyelash scarf, the front back and ears of Bagpuss and did a fair amount of sewing. I also did some knitting on things I can't show you. I didn't actually have anything on my 'to do' list for this month as I didn't anticipate doing anything much in May.This second sock is doing well, Hecate has let me knit today and I've also done a lot of clearing out of my office, I finally set up my small stereo in here, something I've promised myself for the last 2 years. My replacement breadmachine came today, I made a lovely loaf of bread and burnt my thumb on the new machine, more knitting will have to wait until tomorrow now.
More material for my patchwork, I decided I wanted a plain backing for the pink piece and some larger pieces of lilac to give me a back ground to teh fancy small pieces I bought.
Another shamrock cup, from Waterford this time, I haven't tracked down any list of what different pieces were made, so I just keep my eyes open, I have made a decision not to buy any of the fox hunting pieces on principle.
Plans for June
I'm not sure what I can achieve,work will be busy on my return, and I'm determined to carry on with the reorganisation of the flat. I'll carry on with socks on the bus, if I can finish 4 more that will finish off pairs of socks I'll be pleased. I want to finish off something for my secret pal too, beyond that I guess we'll just have to wait and see how much Hecate lets me do once I go back to work and she is left on her own during the day. I have a package almost ready to be sent to my pal and a pile of novels I haven't read, I'm hopingto get to the local knitting group in June as well. Reading that over, I think it may well keep me quite busy enough!


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