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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Kitten free zone!

Having wrestled with Hecate to save my tea from her - the fish part at least, I saved her some scraps which she promptly turned her nose up at and wandered off - the perverseness of the feline is of course legendary, in retaliation I've taken no photographs of her highness!
Instead, I present more sock, I decided to keep the new pattern for Bagpuss til the weekend and plodded on with another sock to partner an orphan.
I know this isn't the tiniest plate around, but it is very dainty and pretty I think!
I've been collecting together more purple/lilac squares ready to produce patchwork, I'm hand sewing most of it as I don't have a sewing machine I'm happy using so I'll be making the squares into hexagons - probably. I'm hoping to get on again with that soon, as once the hexagons are made and teh pattern planned it's just a whoel series of very short seams that are ideal for snatched moments, and blessedly (so far) of no interest to the fiend in feline form!
Thank you for your offer Ambermoggie - I'll get an email to you with my snail mail address, but don't rush, get your move done first and take time to be gentle with yourself too!


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