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Friday, June 02, 2006

It's a pair!

The first sock of June - I'm thrilled to get one of my orphans matched with a mate again, I've got much less knitting doen thsi week than I'd hoped for, but these are bright happy socks and I've even sewn in their ends!
This tree of life plate from my collection hasn't photographed an accurate colour, it's not as brown as this in real life and is one of my perfect specimens.
I guess if you are going for Irish symbolism then you have to put shamrocks on a shamrock leaf shaped dish! This little dish made it safely all the way from Canada.

Hecate playing at cute kitten!

The lump under the cover that you see here is Hecate acting shy - unsurpisingly when I went in the kitchen she reappeared rapidly! When not hiding under the seat throw Hecate has been attached to me today, I'm not sure why, but partly I think it's because of the noise from workman downstairs.She has been very loving and affectionate, she's biting me much less and not scratching as much either.


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