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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Hecate wasn't happy last night - she was too hot so she spread herself out in the breeze from the window and ignored me all evening. She always gets like this by Wednesday when I've been 'abandoning' her to go to work, generally Thursday and Friday she improves again, and in fact this morning she was her usual affectionate self. Blogger wouldn't let me post, but didn't tell me that until I'd written the post and it had proceeded to lose it!
Another small plate to add to my collection of very small plates, I may have to have a doll's tea party one fine day!
The sock progresses, I picked up the gusset stitches in my lunch break - it isn't a job I can do on the bus and I'm now hopeful that I'll get this pair finished off this week provided Hecate continues to sulk and leave my knitting alone!

I'd been waiting for the left hand piece of fabric to arrive so that I can carry on with the pink/rose patchwork.
In the absence of blogger and Hecate's indifference to patchwork I managed to progress the next small motif to go into the vafue project that I have in mind! For some reason although kitten resents bitterly any time I spend doing cross stitch she ignores patchwork almost completely - she contents herself with trying to steal the prepared patches!


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