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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

General update and a problem with Bagpuss

Hecate has been busy posing, my sister came to visit today and was, I think impressed by the sheer energy of the kitten! It's the first visitor we've had and there was absolutely no sign of nerves, Hecate played and ran and jumped and showed off like the proper little madam that she is!

Kitten likes to help me on the computer by climbing up the back of the computer desk and appearing through the gaps!
It's just as well I hear her scrabble around before she arrives or I'd be rather startled when the head appears!
My sister colects snails, I've had tehse waiting for her but couldn't show them to you until I'd given them to her! They truly do look totally demented!
Sorting through my booksheleves I foudd this book from 1911, it's in great condition and full of wonderfully antiquated advice and guidance for the modern woman! I seem to think I got it as an unsold item from a book sale at work, I forsee many happy moments dipping into it. (I can't promise to follow any of its advice though)
A really nice find from Arklow, the gilt is very bright and complete, unlike earlier pieces with softer gilt that wears away, this seems to be quite a late piece from the factory.
One of the commemorative plates that I've been trying to get for a while, I was offered one for £30 but got this for a third of that which is good!
The sock, progressing because I'm stuck on Bagpuss - There seems to be a mistake on the pattern for the head that I haven't managed to work out - has anyone else had a problem with this?


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