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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The swimming kitten

We hade quite an adventurous day today, it's little wonder that Hecate was sleeping the sleep of the terminally exhausted kitten - early this morning - 2.30am to be fairly exact she followed me into the bathroom and managed to fall down the toilet - I'd forgotten to put the lid down and weight it down, by the time I'd got her out cleaned and dried her it was too late for me to get more sleep before I went to work.

Although tempted I did choose to rescue her rather than finding my camera! She's been totally hyperactive since I got home from work but is now safely sleeping on my bed while I type this.
She has experimented with getting in the back pack I use for work, I suspect she's planning on hitching a ride with me one day!
Look everyone - a pair of socks, I finished the tiger socks for my friend despite Hecate's help. I just hope they fit her now.
The 3 small dishes arrived today from Australia, they match the long oblong dish exactly and I think make a nice complete set.


Blogger scarletprincess said...

Those socks are lovely! I may have to treat myself some day to some of the 'animal' opals.
Hecate sure looks lovely asleep... ;o)

7:49 am GMT  

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