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Friday, May 26, 2006

One handed typing?

I am hampered tonight by a kitten who is sleeping in one arm - my downstairs neighbour is having a new bathrom installed and the noise of drills etc has kept Hecate on edge and awake most of the day. It hasn't made for a restful day off work for me either!
I've been emptying the room I use as an office/store room and have about half done it, luckily I'm off work all next week too, I've lots of sorting out to do including sorting through and finding anything that needs retirning to my ex as we split up recently.

This is all the knitting I can show you, a test knit of an ear for Bagpuss as I finally got the yarn for it and a second sock cast on in my bid to complete all the pairs I have started. I've done some more work on things for my secret pal, I'm not getting on as fast as I would like though.
This cup is a fair addition to my collection, although not in the greatest of condition.
This plate, however is in beautiful condition, I'm very pleased to add it to the collection.
This, however is my pride and joy at present as it is the 50th anniversary limited edition plate that the factory produced for the 50th anniversary of the pottery. There were only 1500 made and this is the first one I've ever seen for sale.
I bid on a job lot of 6 items because I wanted the two at the right hand side of this picture - to be hones the rest of the items were not great - I'm not even sure if they are worth trying to resell.
This one I'm afraid I think is particularly awful - made in Japan which is bizarre enough, but I have to ask myself why anyone would think this was a good idea!


Blogger littlelixie said...

That kitten is so darn cute, thanks for sharing her. Sorry to hear about the breakup - am an occasional reader so hadn't realised. The socks look awesome! I did some in the ladybird yarn in that range. Really seems to be inspiring people!

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