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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Two tries at the day

The weekend had been going well, I've actually got on with sorting out the muddle in the flat, but this morning I went to make a loaf of bread only to find that my bread machine has stopped working, I was deeply unimpressed and went back to bed to sulk - anything that I achieved today was achieved after I got up the second time!
I've been busy sorting out my lounge/dining room, all the debris of planting up the seedlings that the slugs subsequently ate have been cleared up and thrown away and replaced by neat boxes of yarn. Hecate immediately had to check the stack out for me!

She thinks this box is now hers, she spent most of the day climbing in and out of it.
The patchwork has progressed further, but is now waiting for some plain fabric that is on order to act as background of the medallions I'm making.
More Bagpuss - the back has doubled in length and should be finished tomorrow - Hecate willing.
Hecate loves boxes, she climbs in and out of them, scrambles up and down them and if all else fails, chews on them!


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