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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Heatwave continuing, knitting not doing!

How little progress can I make in a weekend? The sock is just at the toe, but I've been meandering around the flat suffering from the heat, I had forgotten that the only fan I possess is in the loft where I can't get at it until after the heatwave started, I'm not good at hot weather and knitting is no fun when it is as hot as this.
Even Hecate is suffering with the heat but has added to the excitement of the weekend by managing to get out through the front door once during Saturday and when I left it chained open slightly overnight to cool the flat she managed to crawl under the door somehow, she couldn't get back and sat on the doorstep howling until I woke up and rescued her. I can't let her out until she ahs been spayed so her escapes this weekend have unnerved me rather but at least I know that when she gets out she comes back!


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