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Monday, April 03, 2006

Snooze by posting

First day back at work, I mostly stayed awake, got quite a lot done, but came home shattered, I had a nap after my tea and am just on my way back to sleep so there isn't much knitting to show, I might just get this one finished by tomorrow night! The yarn and magazine I had on offer last night have been taken, I'll be sending them on as soon as I get to a Post Office.

As this post is remarkably low on knitting content I present to you a picture of some old - and I think - pretty coffee cans. They are small - espresso sized cups, I found them on eBay quite recently, they are fairly worn and not valuable, but they ad dto my fairly whimsical collection of things that I love.


Blogger Melissa said...

Very nice cups. I like them :)

3:54 pm GMT  

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