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Friday, March 31, 2006

March progress report

Two socks finished today, Cherry Tree Hill's Champlaign Sunset and Fyberspate's lavender stone. I'm still sleeping more than usual, but my brain is beginning to work again thank goodness so I'm hoping to go back to my lace tomorrow.

Digging through my stash today I found this sock yarn from Kroy, it's an exact match for the variegated yarn that I was concerned might run out, I'm happy because if I mix it in for heel and toe any spare variegated yarn can go as stripes in the plain sock later.

12 orphan socks, I can gloat over these and decided which ones to make pairs for during April, I do have 9 socks on my needles, 3 of which will make pairs when they are complete.
I guess it's time for the March review - I set out to achieve the following 'get a move on with the bright pink jacket, the red shrug and the Irish Walking scarf, I don't expect to finish any of those, but I'd like to be able to show some progress and at least 5 more pairs of socks '
I actually ended up doing a small amount of the pink jacket, frogging the red shrug due to a 'falling off the needles' incident and made a small amount of progress on the lilac/blue/white variegated sweater. The Irish Walking scarf grew about 10" longer, I finished the Patons' funky chunky sweater and made a scarf to go with it and finished these socks:-
Opal carnival - this sock completed a pair
Cherry Tree Hill Green Mountain Madness - another pair completed
Koigu P131 - to complete a pair
jungle poppy - completed a pair
iris garden - another complete pair
limeade - the 6th completed pair
chocolate raspberry truffle - left over opal - orphan 1
seascape Fyberspates - orphan 2
tiger Opal - orphan 3
parrot Mexiko - orphan 4
aztec coffee from the Natural Dye studio - orphan 5
Koigu P139 - orphan 6
Lavender stone Fyberspates - orphan 6
Champlaign Sunset - orphan 7

Which means I completed 13 ankle socks this month, much more than I would have managed had I not been off sick, although I did spend a considerable amount of that sick leave asleep and unable to knit!


Blogger Daisy said...

Glad you're feeling better. I love the contrast between the colours of the two socks in the first pic!

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