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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Limited progress

I've been so tired today that all I've done to the bookshelf is this. I've been asleep nearly all day, waking up for the odd 20 minutes and then going back to sleep - I think I overdid it yesterday!

The weekly round up of current socks, these two are closest to completion and both will make new pairs, so I plan on finishing them this week, which will give me (I think) 6 pairs finished off this month.

6 more socks, 2 partners and 4 orphans, I really like the pale lavender on the left hand side, that is by Fyberspates it's a much subtler colour combination than I usually make socks from but I'm liking it - from memory I think it may be called lavender stone.

This picture is for my friend to make a decision on - does she want the colour I've started knitting or the ball in the picture that I haven't started knitting yet?

And this is the final orphan picture of the week - all 11 of them. I plan on keeping the number of orphans to 10 or less in future, there is an extra on ein here for now as it's for a friend - that's my excuse anyway


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